Thursday, August 14, 2008


Above: James Dalton Shook, Sally Hayes Gragg Shook, Grace Shook (Gwaltney), Hoyle Hayes Shook, Thomas Frederick Shook

Above: Grandaddy Jimmie (James Dalton) Shook, Grandma Sally (Hayes Gragg) Shook (seated)

Hoyle Hayes Shook, Grace Shook, Thomas Frederick Shook (standing)

Questions: Does anyone know Aunt Grace's full name?

(Posted by Tanya Shook Wilder)


wns said...

Grace's full name:

Grace Virginia Shook

Source: North Carolina Death Index, 1800-2000.

Fred Henkel said...

I believe I have come into posession of your Aunt Grace's Bible today at an auction in North Carolina. I came across your blog and read about your experience with your Aunt Grace with some enjoyment. There are a few very old newspaper clippings inside of the Bible that I think you will enjoy. Within its pages are her handwriting about some relatives. It shows Grace Shook was born March 18, 1893. Edgar Gwaltney was born February 11, 1893. James Ralph Gwaltney was born July 31, 1915. Maxine Edna Hughes Gwaltney born January 29, 1917. James Ralph Gwaltney, Jr. was born August 10, 1941. Grace and Ed were married on September 25, 1914. The Bible was given to her as a gift from a Miss Mary Horner on January 10,1911. If you will find value in this item then I hope you will contact me at your convenience. My email is