Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This photo is not the best in the world, but it gives us a good shot of Greene & Walt Michael. I don't remember exactly when my dad took this shot, but I know it was taken at Uncle Walter's house. I remember I was along with Daddy and Grandpa. I think it was when Daddy was trying to get all of Grandpa's brothers and sisters together for a reunion.

Anyway, I love their hats, and I love Uncle Walter's expression. They're sorta like a Mutt & Jeff combo from the hills! Does anyone have any good stories about Uncle Walt?

(Posted by Tanya Shook Wilder)


To all those who might be looking for more posts on our blog,

Please know that I haven't forgotten about our family blog, but once school started, I've been so swamped that I haven't gotten around to posting any more family photos. I'll be back with time, but for now, I'd love to invite anyone in the Shook / Michael clan to hop in and add a post...or posts....or lots of posts...

Love to all....Tanya