Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Jack Micael, his wife, Dot, and their children, Terri and Tim, live in Georgia. Jack is Grady Michael's youngest child. I remember him and Dot bringing the kids to visit us in Boone when Myra and I were little and the happiness their visits always brought my father. Here are a couple of photos Jack recently emailed me. (I apologize for the small photos, but Blogger reduced the jpeg size automatically.)

(Tim, Terri, Dot & Jack)

Jack & Dot's grandchildren and great grandchildren
~Front Row L-R:
Jarrett (Tim's oldest), Baby Mattie (Holly's youngest) (The girl holding is a friend, Lindsey), Jasper (Heather's oldest)
Second Row L-R
Holly (Terri's youngest) Katie (Holly's oldest), Tanner (Heather's youngest), Amelia (Tim's youngest), Heather (Terri's oldest)~

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