Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have no idea when this picture was taken of (Mary) Etta Beard Michael and Ethel Beard Triplett. I have a vague memory of Aunt Ethel from when my family would go over to Cove Creek to visit Aunt Ethel's daughter, Mae Edmisten and her husband, Howard. (I always called them Aunt Mae and Uncle Howard, and I knew them fairly well since they attended our church in Boone and my dad fished a lot with Uncle Howard.)

Does anyone have any stories about Grandma Michael and Aunt Ethel? And, can anyone answer the question as to their last name? Is it Baird or Beard? Somewhere along the way, I've heard that Beard got changed to Baird, but I don't know the accuracy of that memory.

(On an entirely different note, I again invite anyone to add a post to the family blog. It's really quite simple. E-mail me for instructions if you lost the ones I sent when I started the blog, and I'll give you a really easy tutorial. Or you can leave a comment on the blog, and I'll get in touch with you from there.)

(Posted by Tanya Shook Wilder)

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