Thursday, August 14, 2008


While I was home in Boone this past week, I talked to my cousin, Larry Shook, and he came up with the idea of trying to get a family website up and running for our upcoming family reunion in July, 2009. Since I really know nothing about websites, I opted instead to start a Shook / Michael family blog so that any member of the family with access to a computer could check in, post a photo, write a post, add commentary, etc.

In a separate email, I'll send all the information you'll need to get to the blog just to read it, as well as to log-in and add anything you'd like to post. One of the things I'd like to use it for is to help identify people who are in family photos whose faces I don't recognize.

I encourage all of you to use the blog however you enjoy it most. Please feel free to post, upload a photo, or ask a question. It's just another way we can all get to know each other better and better as we plan on coming together in July of next year.

Love to all....Tanya

(Posted by Tanya Shook Wilder - Zeb's oldest daughter)

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