Tuesday, August 19, 2008


From what I can discern from some photos I found in one of my parents' albums, there must have been a family reunion at Tom & Ada Shook's house around 1955 or 1956 or so. I arrive at that "guestimate" because the youngest of the relatives in the photos is Betty Dalton Shook (Telford), and in one of the photos she's not quite a toddler. I'm in one of the photos, and I appear to be three or four.

In time, I'll post more photos from that gathering, but today, I want to put up this one that was taken that day of Tom Shook and his sons.

(From left to right: Tom Shook, Jr., Carroll Shook, Tom Shook, Sr., Quentin Shook, Stuart Shook)
I've also found a photo of Aunt Ada as a younger woman, but I have to get it on the computer and enhanced.
Question: Does anyone remember the gathering at Tom & Ada's? Any idea what year it would have been? Any stories from that day?
(Posted by Tanys Shook Wilder)

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