Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It's hard to believe two months have passed since the Shook / Michael family gathered in Matney for our family reunion. We're saying that about 175 people attended, and each of the three families, Grady & Myrtle Michael's, Ada & Tom Shook's, and Ruth & Hoyle Shook's, were represented. We'll call the photo above the offical reunion portrait, but several folks had left before it was taken. In this photo, we see children and grandchildren of the original three families.

The weather couldn't have cooperated with us any better. We had food for 350 people, and the photo show James Shook put together was spectacular. I am grateful to him, his brother, Larry, Billy Rominger, Myra Shook, and everyone else who helped us pull this gathering off. It was truly a labor of love, and by all the hugs that were exchanged, I think it might have been one of the greatest love gatherings ever.

By unanimous vote, our next gathering will be in two years, July 2011. Put the weekend closest to the 4th on your calendars and let's see if we can bring in all those who couldn't make it this time to enjoy another reunion in the mountains.

(posted by Tanya Shook Wilder)

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