Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Enjoy these photos I took down at Grandma & Grandpa Michael's old homeplace over Thanksgiving.

It was an overcast while Billy and I were down at the homeplace. This photo is taken from the creek bed that ran behind the house. You can see what remains of the chimney (a back side view) and the old apple tree that still stands in what would have been the back yard.
Here's the chimney, the only remainder of Grandma & Grandpa's house that once stood there. It looks like someone burned down the house and then dozed the trash in front of the chimney. Billy and I tried to look through the trash for any treasures that might have been left, but the pile is pretty much just the tin from off the roof. I do love the old chimney and hope whoever buys the land will not tear it down.

Grandpa's old barn...No treasures left inside, unfortunately. This side of the barn would have been the side one would have seen while standing on the front porch of the old house.

Dulcie Ruth Michael Shook - Thanksgiving Day, 2009--
106 years, 10 months old
She told me she was happy.

(Posted by Tanya Shook Wilder)

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